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are huge fun for everyone!

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The Vintage Triumph Register

Welcome! The Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) is a North American Triumph car club of over 2,800 Triumph owners and enthusiasts supporting and showcasing all models of Triumphs. This award-winning VTR web site has been assembled through the co-operative efforts of many VTR members to make these pages a current and accurate resource for Triumph enthusiasts worldwide. Our popular forum: The Triumph Forum, is hosted by VTR and is open to all Triumph enthusiasts, members and non-members alike. Not only will you find expert advice there, but you can post questions and get answers that will be most helpful in your enjoyment of these fun-to-own automobiles. VTR publishes a bi-monthly magazine, The Vintage Triumph, which is filled with valuable historical and technical articles and industry news. In addition to the magazine, membership in VTR also includes: access to VTR’s staff of volunteer vehicle consultants, various VTR Triumph car club regalia, low-cost collector car liability insurance to members at costs far below regular insurance rates, an annual convention, hosted each year by one of VTR’s many local chapters. If you are interested in becoming a member (you don’t have to own a Triumph to join), please click here for complete information.

Triumph Owners Are Big Fun

We hear it again and again!  Members frequently mention  the camaraderie they’ve experienced at our National and Regional conventions!  The car shows,  driving events,  and fun competitions all combine with great people to provide great memories!

Triumph Buyer’s Guides

Who better to give advice on purchasing a Triumph automobile than  Triumph owners? Get lots of useful information written by volunteer VTR members. What to look out for and tips to help you find the perfect car to match your budget and capabilities.

VTR Travelers’ Assistance Network

As fun as these cars are to drive, let’s face it, it’s good to plan for… let’s call them ‘issues.’  A free service VTR provides is an online, downloadable directory of Triumph owners across the country who’ve volunteered to help you should you need it as you travel.


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2017 North American Triumph Challenge

The Vintage Triumph Register’s 2017 National convention, the “North American Triumph Challenge” will be hosted by the Deleware Valley Triumph Club and the New Jersey Triumph Association at the Westin Forrestal Village in Princeton, NJ.  The gathering will take place from Wednesday, August 16 through Saturday, August 19, 2017. For more information and to register, visit the convention website:


TRF Will Pay Your Dues!

Spend at least $850 at The Roadster Factory this year, retroactive to January 1st, and have your VTR dues or next renewal paid for! Sales amount is determined on a calendar year basis from January 1st through December 31st. When your purchases reach $850, call the TRF sales line and speak to one of their salespeople. They’ll take your information and communicate your renewal to the VTR Membership Secretary. The Roadster Factory is a major supporter of VTR, we thank them for this generous offer.